• Image of Spring Floral Cuddle Pack
  • Image of Spring Floral Cuddle Pack

Toddlers love to care for their "babies" just like Mommy & Daddy do! This doll cuddle pack fits a wide variety of baby dolls & stuffed animals. Quality construction and 100% cotton fabrics make this a carrier that will last for years. Can be worn on child's front or back. Adjustable waist and chest straps allow it to fit most kids 2-4 years old (or slim 6-year-olds, like Evy here!).

Main print is a bright Spring green with blue flowers, and pocket and lining are pink geometric shapes.

Machine wash when needed, hang to dry.

This Cuddle Pack is ready to ship, and will be on it's way to you within 3-4 business days.

*Adorable toddler not included!

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